Prayathnam is a forum of young committed dancers and dance teachers dedicated to the idea of ‘illumination’ in the knowledge of both the theory and practice of dance as a medium. We strive to reach out to the dance community, enthusiasts and anyone else interested in the quest to better understanding of the art.

Lectures / Lecture Demonstrations
'Vaarshikam' - Annual day Celebrations

The exams conducted by Prayathnam culminates in an annual day where participants of the 'Yathnam exam' get their certificates and showcase their talent in the respective centers .


A program offered and facilitated by Prayathnam to explain and teach aspects of our outlined syllabus.

Nrithya Samarpanam

One teacher invites another member with or without her students to speak or dance on a specific topic . This is followed by an interactive question and answer session .

Vivaadha Medai

A group of members pick a topic each and lecture to the others . Members jointly discuss , analyze , and raise questions and try to answer them engaging in a healthy debate.


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